Internship Portal

IIC TMSL launched an internship portal in the month of October to help students for getting internships according to their skillset.


(Launched on: 30th October, 2019) RISE is another initiative of IIC TMSL where we provide free courses to enhance the skill-set on latest technology trends like AI/ML, Data Sc, Robotics etc. We are also planning to do short length Webinars with Entrepreneurs and Industry Experts to upgrade the knowledge of TMSL students.


(January 2020 Onwards) IIC TMSL has launched IIC blog to update the knowledge of the students of TMSL regarding business, startup and technology. It is a great opportunity for content creators to showcase their talent by writing blogs on above mentioned topics.


(Launched on 13th March, 2020) Innopedia, an initiative by IIC TMSL, aims at making you aware of the latest advancements in terms of innovations around you. The innovaters themselves would explain the attributes of their products or concepts through our YouTube channel related to innovation.


(24th-26th April, 2020) ENVISAGE is born out of the dreams and aspirations of the youth who have the zest and the zeal to take their future in their own hands. Supporting the growing startup culture in the country, we are promised to inculcate and identify the best ideas and b-plans. Envisage, the official E-Summit of TMSL, is the platform for budding entrepreneurs to showcase the power of their ideas and to be appreciated and mentored by the best in the fields.


(Launched on: 22nd April, 2020) BONDHU is an online platform ideated and developed by the team of innovators at Institution’s Innovation Council, Techno Main Salt Lake(Official Entrepreneurship and Innovation Cell recognised by MHRD, GOI), which aims to connect the volunteers with the elders with the help of technology that they can visit from anywhere. In the hard times, example being the current lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic - young people come forward to help the elders by delivering the essentials to them.

Start-up Services

(Launched on: 25th April, 2020) IIC TMSL launched its new initiative where students and people from outside the college can get their idea mentored under the club. They get technical, marketing or any other assistance by the club for converting their idea into a viable product or service. A ‘ Mitra ‘ is appointed to the start-ups selected after several rounds of meetings. The ‘ Mitra ‘ looks after the needs of the start-up and also act as a mentor to them.


IIT KGP in association with IIC TMSL organized Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive on 19th October 2019 in Techno Main Saltlake campus. More than 1000 participants had registered & 350 participants were shortlisted to attend this.


IIT KGP in association with IIC TMSL organized E-Start which is a platform to validate ideas and build business models with an exclusive mentorship offered by experienced entrepreneurs on 19th October 2019 in Techno Main Saltlake campus. 20 teams got selected to pitch their idea.


Poster Making Competition

(12-15th October, 2019):

IIC TMSL organized a poster designing competition on the theme INNOVATION in October 2019 to encourage the creativity of graphic designers.

Innovation Day

(15th October, 2019):

IIC TMSL celebrated Innovation Day 2019 on 15th October for encouraging students to grow an innovative mind-set.


(19th October, 2019):

In the month of October 2019 the Inauguration Ceremony of IIC TMSL took place in Techno Main Campus.

Logo Lunch & Website Launch

(19th October, 2019):

IIC-TMSL Launched its logo & website during inauguration on 19th October

Innovation Award

(19th October, 2019):

IIC TMSL organized Innovation Award 2019 ceremony to felicitate innovative minds and encourage innovative activities around the campus. Innovation award was presented to nominated participants on the esteemed stage of EAD.